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Thanks to the newly-opened Downtown Line, getting here has become so much easier. Immensely enjoyed the solitude time here, as half the time I was left alone and in peace 🙂

There’s also a very good reason why they’re well-known for their speciality in Chocolate!



Amidst all the happy excitement of the past few days, it feels good to slow down, even if just a little, take a step back from all the energy, and recharge again.

It seems that as human beings, we are constantly thinking too much, looking for trouble even when there’s none, being too self-conscious and overly-sensitive.

Amidst all the “problems” I have created for myself, I do not forget the reminder – I am thankful.


Sneaking Around


So while the games, cheers and sneers continued, I managed to find a reason to excuse myself for the afternoon.

I even found time to enjoy a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice before making my way down.

Sometimes it’s little things like these that make the seemingly unbearable more bearable.

We are living things, after all, and all living things need life to live. Putting ourselves through things like yelling for the sake of yelling, and taking up meaningless challenges in the name of superficial bonding, is so… Not life-ly.