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Creative Time

“When listening to music we have available the possibility of experiencing ourselves as both familiar and changed. We lose a momentary sense of time, space and personal identity, while also retaining an overall sense of being and feeling. When we connect with a process of receiving internally a music from outside ourselves, the past and present sit together in relationship, in and through time, as the music moves along with its and our past, newly experienced in the present, in motion towards a future that is being experienced as it is being shaped. So this is creative time I’m talking about…

This is Alfred Brendel playing the slow movement from the Emperor Piano concerto. I want you to listen to the first piano entry. I think Alfred Brendel does this thing with time when he plays this, because it is actually impossible to tell where the phrase is going to end as he’s playing it.”

– Julie Sutton and John Alderdice


The Resilient Escapist

sun behind clouds3

I guess one of the most depressing things about escapism

Is that inescapable fact

That one will still need to return to reality;

Sometime, someday, somehow.

Are we ever able to escape, completely?


Yet, this knowledge about inescapability –

Doesn’t stop us from constantly trying.

That’s why we read.

That’s why we take pictures.

That’s why we try to lose ourselves in moments of pure, soulful music.

We are more resilient than we think, after all.

The Durian and The Tree

durian and tree

Said the Durian to the Tree

If only you could see,

How difficult it is to be me-

To meet up to expectations

I never thought of reaching,

To satisfy desires

I never thought fulfilling.

These humans that put us here,

What actually do they want?

Amidst all their lofty ideals,

What will they save when it comes to the crunch?