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Control and Stuff…

Variables like…

The weather.

The colour of different leaves.

Frequency of waves.

Perspectives of others.

Whether colleagues understand your work (or think that music therapy is about teaching kids how to play instruments *roll eyes*).

Whether a kid will suddenly decide to hit you in the face because he was prevented from licking lotion (haha yes happened yesterday).


We probably could take measures to address or pre-empt some things, but still, it would be a lot less painful if we truly accepted that there is an infinity of variables we could not control or address even if we wanted to.

And in a way, living life with that kind of surrender can be quite liberating.

It means I can still do my best, without worrying about what the outcomes say about my abilities or skills, because we cannot control all the variables.
It means I can still strive to improve myself, but be gentle with my own pace and progress, becauseĀ we cannot control all the variables.
It means I can meet whatever problems I may face head on, without necessarily blaming myself (or others) for their occurrence, becauseĀ we cannot control all the variables.


“The secret of life is… Everything is out of control.”

-Ajahn Brahm