The Jacaranda Petal

It was a day for pictures. The sky had just the right amount of clouds. The air was crisp and fresh. The temperature was not too warm. It was, in all aspects, a perfect late spring day.

A single jacaranda petal on the bridge’s ledge. So beautiful it made my heart race with the excitement of capturing it on camera.

In 5 seconds, the focus was adjusted, aperture fixed, shutter pressed. Picture captured. The single petal on the bridge. Then the picture reviewed, to make sure I had gotten it right.

2 seconds after I had taken the picture, I looked up from the camera. I realised, with a start, that the petal was gone. A gust of wind had come, and it floated down to the river below, joining the other petals, bobbing along the banks.

The moment was gone.

In a moment of insight, I wondered if, in my efforts to capture the “perfect” picture of the petal, I had sacrificed experiencing the essence and beauty of the moment, getting caught up with camera settings and technicalities instead.

What I have now is only a replica of that moment, a reminder of the moment I missed.

How many times in life do we chase after what we feel are the bigger things, the larger goals, the seemingly more important things, only to realise that we have missed what we had right in front of us?

The little things. Always go back to the little things.


A while back I was kindly tagged by Ines to do this, which made me feel quite honored and happy since I really like her style and posts.

  1. How/Why did you become interested in photography?

I think my interest in photography was sparked with the advent of mobile phones with cameras. One thing led to another… and I Became Interested.

2. What’s the first photo you published on your blog?


The day I went to BooksActually and made my first purchase from them. Then I went to the then Cat Socrates Cafe, ordered a drink and started reading. Bliss.

3. Do you photograph mostly to document moments or to be creative?

I’d say mainly to document moments, but also trying to be unique and creative in that.

4. What’s your favorite time of the day to take photos?

Mornings, definitely.

5. Where do you get inspiration to photograph?

From noticing what I think the world wouldn’t normally notice. Bringing the little things into their own light.

6. If you could spend a day with a famous photographer who would it be?

I don’t have anyone in mind off the top of my head, but I’d like to spend it with a photographer working in a war zone. To be able to live life close to death, yet capture scenes with objectivity and humanity.

7. What is your favorite camera to shoot with?

My trusty Olympus Pen, otherwise known to family and close friends as Xue’er.

Also, Xiao Tang – the trusty Lomo-LCA+.

8. What was your last purchase photography related?

I got a fisheye lens for my iphone.

9. Do you have a camera bag?

No, I just use a cloth pouch.

10. What photography book would you recommend?

I’m not really a photography-book person… I would love to know which are the good ones out there though.

11. Do you print your photos?




I would like to pass the same questions along to Hadorable, simply because I feel her pictures tell amazing stories, and I love it.

Sculptures By The Sea 2015 // Part 2

I found this year’s Sculptures By The Sea a really good training ground to see how much inner equilibrium I could maintain even among external hoards and crowds of people.

Maintaining silence definitely helps – if I had gone with a friend and had been chatting all the way, my energy would definitely have felt sapped more quickly.

Of course, being just beside the vast ocean and sky also helped. Can I maintain the same peace of mind in a rush hour train carriage, squeezed in from all sides? Time will tell.

Everything in its Time


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