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New to Newcastle – The Morning of Leaving

Trust us to be ambitious and try to squeeze in time for one more cafe visit before I left Newcastle. Imagine our horror when we realized, after leaving the cafe, that the bus stop nearest to the place didn’t have buses servicing it on Sundays! We had to walk almost 2km to the next available bus stop. (If you’re wondering how we got there in the first place… that was a whole other adventure.)

Now it’s just another memory we’ll look back on and laugh about, but at that moment I really had my doubts as to whether I’d make it back to my room before nightfall.

Despite all the drama, I managed to snap a few more pics of beautiful (but really inaccessible) Newcastle.

And yes, after almost 5 hours later, I did manage to make it back just before the sky was completely dark 😉

New to Newcastle – The Beach

Someone once told me that all the beaches in Australia look the same in one way or other, but I disagree. Each beach I’ve seen here has its own unique characteristics and vibes. And in such comfortable early spring weather, who could say no to the fresh outdoor air, sea waves and blue skies?


New To Newcastle – Walking to High Tea

Thanks to the friend there who got a free voucher for a high tea, I was invited to join her in the sumptuous endeavor, and to experience the beauty of Newcastle 🙂

Newcastle Museum and Cafe.

Then the walk began…


Our reward:


We felt bad for forgetting to inform the chef about our vegetarian preferences, and he was nice enough to re-make some sandwiches for us. 4 thumbs (because there’s 2 of us) up for service!