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Cycling Scenes

It’s been a blessing in disguise, really.

I mean, you KNOW exercise is good for you. But knowing and doing are very different things.

And until you’re actually pushed by (desperate) circumstances to get down to it, you might never do it.





Learning how to let go of expectations – trickier than I thought!

“I cycled so much today – I should feel better.”

“I did my yoga and meditation this morning – it ought to make me feel more motivated.”

“I spent time with a friend last night – I should be feeling more connected.”

It took me a while before I even realised I was holding these invisible expectations in my thought patterns. And that they were bound to lead to some disappointment, sooner or later.

What to do?

Awareness and release.

I can see that I am holding certain expectations which may not serve me well.

May I let go of them, and take each moment as it comes.


Sydney 2018 – Burragorang Lookout

This was a real treat for me – somewhere inaccessible by public transport!

Thankful to the coursemate-turned-friend who took time off to drive us there.

It was also really nice to spend time and catch up, talking about our journey so far, after we graduated from our music therapy course. Nothing like a friend on the same journey to provide a much-needed dose of inspiration πŸ™‚