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The Buildings of Dakota Crescent

In 2090, a young student gazes at a picture in a museum.
In the country where he has been born, people living in buildings shorter than 5-storeys are unheard of.
He has never seen anything like it.
“So short. Poor use of space!”
His words echo those of his classmates around him.

The Week Mum Came

This week, the mother has come to visit and I’ve had the pleasure of playing host and tour guide when we are out and about (Back on campus, she becomes the cooking and cleaning guru and I, the dutiful disciple). In anticipation of her visit, I cleared a large portion of essay-research and readings in the past week, leaving me free to become a tourist with her this week!

On Monday I brought her to Katoomba – my second time to Echo Point and The Three Sisters. Thinking it was going to be cold (remember my first experience!), we were decked out in thick clothing, only to meet the strongly shining sun and absence of winds…

Just one of the hilarious episodes we experienced here.

Overall, it’s been a good week. As much as I’ve enjoyed my solitude here, I’ve welcomed her company, and I am sad to see her return home.

But well, such is life!