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Having been in this new job environment for a little more than half a year, I realise that being a wallflower does have its perks.

Sure, I miss the joy of having close friendships at work, the kind I used to enjoy in the earlier years of working and in teaching. But ever since the job switch, I’ve also realised the joys and conveniences of being a wallflower – the lack of social obligations, the freedom to come and go pretty much however and whenever I choose. The joys of more quiet time, more efficiency with less chit chat. It also makes me feel more “anonymous”, even though I know I’m not. We still talk, we still collaborate, we still rant when we need to and I still have people I trust enough to go to with my work-related problems. We just stop there, that’s all. And at the end of the day I find it easier to “go home” – both physically and emotionally. Which think is important for my well-being.

Maybe there are people out there who need to have close friends where they work to feel that they belong, or to feel part of a community, in order to enjoy their job. I think I’ve learnt that I don’t necessarily need that, and it’d do me good to not feel the pressure to live up to that norm.

All’s good with this wallflower:)

Sunset Along The Esplanade

It used to be my favourite thing to do – to buy a cup of bubble tea, and walk from Clark Quay to the Esplanade. Over time I found other things (like sitting by the window in cafes) to unwind to, and this ritual was somewhat forgotten.

Waiting for a delayed friend gave me the opportunity to revive this pastime. It was a good day too. Beautiful light and shadows abound. Another reminder that beauty can be what we make of things and circumstances.

 photo IMG_8396_zps0kycnvzs.jpg

 photo IMG_8397_zpstv0uczwc.jpg

 photo IMG_8401_zpsc5r9tche.jpg

 photo IMG_8400_zpsvdjrwkza.jpg

 photo IMG_8398_zpsp8wz82xg.jpg


 photo IMG_8272_zpscwstdmlb.jpg

The world can impose, force, and project all the voices it wants, but as long as we remember what we want to do, remember why we have chosen what we want to do, and continue doing what we believe in doing…

It will work out.

So far, I think I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by people who remind and encourage me to remember my focus, who at times even remind me of what the focus is. And I’m thankful for the reminders to stay on track.

“it’s about the work” – OBAMA.