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Mahota Commune

Earlier November. When it felt that time would not pass that quickly.

And it did.



Saturday Neighbourhood Vibes

Of Saturdays and being alone luxuriously.

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Natural Nature

It’s unfortunate that when you live in the city, “nature” is either largely man-made, or blocked by too many concrete structures.

So the occasional glimpse of natural nature becomes something rare and really unique, if only we remember to notice more often..

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Labour Day Walk

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Times Have Changed

It was Labour Day, and we as a family had gone out for a morning stroll at the waterway behind our house.

It was my suggestion. Mum supported it, as she always does when it comes to “healthy activities”, AKA opportunities for Dad to exercise.

Well our stamina didn’t even last even 30 minutes. As we neared a public transport – the LRT – we happily hopped on and headed for the nearest mall, where we proceeded to enjoy a second breakfast at MacDonald’s. We had a good laugh over our “token walk” on a public holiday, and reminisced over childhood memories related to Mac breakfasts.

It was there where Dad made his poignant comment: “Times have changed. In the past you 2 (referring to the brother and me) would be sitting down at MacDonald’s while I went to order. Now I get to sit while you all go order and collect the food.”

It was true.

Mum had also made a similar comment before, saying how when we were young it was the parents who brought us out and around, and now we are mainly the ones bringing them to new places, deciding where to eat and where to go on family outings.

It really is an allusion to the passing of time. The inevitable growing up of children you once fed with your hands. The undeniable aging of parents who were once towering over you and carried you in their arms while you slept (or pretended to sleep) on their shoulders. The cycle of life. The surreal reality of life.

And through it all, a reminder to cherish the moments we have.


Before The Play

Enjoying the golden hour on the esplanade roof, just before our our date with Fundamentally Happy.

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