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Own Path

A reminder to not compare your beginning to others’ middle… Or vice versa.

We each have our own path, our own journey to make.


Imperfect, yet…

This quote resonates with me.

I realise that a significant part of the journey is embracing the imperfect nature of our attempts at perfection, and to take delight in everything that could go wrong, or has gone wrong, or is going wrong right now.

We are imperfect, yet perfectly so.

Ask. Give.

I must admit it does not come naturally to ask for help.

There were times when I felt (and still feel) like I’m a burden. Like who am I to take up so much of others’ time or to request to company of someone who must have better things to do?

But I hope I will one day completely realise and believe that this is how our world must go on – to be able to ask for help when we need it and to be able to give when we can.

I am thankful for all the help I have been able to afford and receive, as well as the help I have been able to give, whether consciously or otherwise.

When Words Are Not Enough

Lots of other things also seem to become lost the moment they’re explained in words, really.

Like the sense of futility when you think about what you’re trying so hard for..

Like the feeling of hope that there is hope…?

Like the frustration of not loving yourself enough… or the irritation you feel at yourself for appearing ok when you’re not really feeling ok but you don’t want things to be awkward so you appear ok…

Like the small but strong voice that tells you to try one more day, maybe today it will be different, and it’s really ok even if it’s not…


We have a myriad of feelings and emotions, and words don’t always portray them accurately enough.


Still. Through it all, I know I am blessed, I know I am incredibly lucky, and I know this too shall pass.


Recent thoughts.

Who was I before all these happened?

What kind of person was I?

Optimistic? Sensitive? Accepting? Curious?

Am I still all those things?

I’d like to think I am.

And yet I have changed – and am still changing – on this journey through unchartered life territory.

This journey has allowed me to see myself through a different lens. It has made me realise I am more resilient than I think. It has helped me forge stronger relationships with my loved ones and friends, and helped think about how I would be a better friend or companion if someone around me were to face similar issues in future. It has enabled me to discover roots and inner resources I never knew I had or was capable of.

– John Green, “Turtles All The Way Down”

I didn’t decide what came into the picture of this life, but I’m glad I still get a say in which frames I want to use.

There are always choices.