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What Happens When You Ask About Church…

In an ideal world, or at least in my ideal world, the only “religion” we’ll ever need is Love and Compassion. If we can truly and purely just practice these, really, every problem in the world will be solved. Heaven will become a reality. Here and Now. Regardless of whatever beliefs we attach our minds to. View the world with Love, act with Compassion towards all creatures and beings.

Why do we make lives so difficult for ourselves?


Ground Control Cafe, Circular Quay.  

Circular Quay to Parramatta

Another impromptu ferry ride, this time down the Parramatta River, with a few interesting stops along the way: Cockatoo Island, Drummoyne, Bayview Park, Kissing Point, Meadowbank…

Relaxing and serene, especially near the end of the journey, when the ferry sails into quieter waters before docking at Parramatta Wharf. No surprise that this is listed as one of the best ferry rides around Sydney.

Looking forward to exploring the other routes/places on the ferry trails soon…






Walk by the Flyer

It has been awhile since I visited this place. I remember the days when I used to come here with Xiao Taaang the Lomo LCA, and together we snapped to our hearts’ content.

I did not have a lomo with me that Sunday, but I had an iphone, and we (yes, my phone and I) enjoyed ourselves just the same.

The Comrade also recommended a nice cafe nearby. Looking forward to chilling there soon!

On the 15th

On a public holiday, I self-declared a day-out alone, determined to enjoy peace and solitude, with no one but my books, music, food and thoughts.

And I DID enjoy my books, music, food and thoughts.


I was rudely interrupted by a familiar face who apparently felt the need to call out to me at an extravagant level of decibels, making me literally jump in my seat and shattering all inner peace.

In all fairness, I suppose he did not expect me to be so jumpy.

But still.


The world can be such a scary place.