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PerthSydney on Film

Taken with Lomo LCA+, Kodak 200 film.

I’ve been reading about taking positive moments and savouring them, to wire our brains to be able to fall back on positive feelings whenever we need them. And I’ve realised that looking back at photographs are a great way to do that. Splitting my trip posts into many mini posts have also allowed me to savour each portion of the trip again, before placing them all back together in the mind as a “Happy Period”. Very easy to go back to whenever I need a reminder of positive, peaceful and restful periods…


iPhone Magic

For a good part of the trip, I was using the iPhone camera to capture moments too. Main reason being – I misplaced my camera battery on our last day in Perth.

Despite my disappointment (and inclination to be mad at myself), the iPhone didn’t disappoint 🙂



Rottnest Island:


Satchmo Cafe in North Perth:


Lake Monger, Perth:


North Perth Suburb:


Snippets from Sydney:

Stanmore Suburb

Haven Coffee

White Rabbit


Perth 2016: North Perth

The beautiful suburb where we stayed.

It was a short 5 days, but being able to get a feel of life in the suburbs really went a long way in making me feel that I could really be living in a place like that.

Maybe, in time.



Perth 2016: Perth City Walk

Nicely taken care of by the amazing guide from Two Feet Perth.

“It’s a labour of love.”




Perth 2016: Fremantle Prison

The building looked quaint and interesting enough from the outside, but once we went into the main buildings… The air of depression just weighed down.

And as if sensing the mood we were in, it started to rain…



Perth 2016: Fremantle Markets

The only day I went shopping in Perth.

It was nice to soak in the market vibes too, just for half a day felt just right.



Perth 2016: Rottnest Island

Possibly the best day I had in our short time in Perth.

Cycling uphill proved to be more strenuous for my unfit body than I thought… but the beautiful salt lakes, blue skies, expansive coastal landscapes and very comfortable temperatures  certainly made the trip more worth it.