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Tribal Vibes

At the risk of sounding quite hippie… Yup.


CNY 2018

Ok, very belated. But good memories are worth revisiting!


Walk Our Why

If someone were to ask us “why do you do the work you do?” I hope can come up with a better answer than “well, I enjoy it.”

The “why” of our actions is can be a very powerful motivator, something that sticks even when reality hits, and we realise that yes, some things are more work than others, but there are always trade-offs and nothing is more powerful than knowing WHY we do the work we do.

May we all find our Whys.


The Bread Shop Cafe




It helps, especially when you’re not the best with the spoken word.


Hello 2018

A little late, but, here’s to more coffees and peaceful times ;p