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Tis’ The Season

My little Winter Wonderland 🙂

I left this terrarium in a rather shady part of the room before leaving for India in late November, and came back to a slanted plant as the poor thing grew in the only natural direction it knew how – towards the light.

Attempting to help it grow in the other direction now…

Merry Christmas.

Nightly Jaunt

On a Friday before the Mid-Autumn Festival, we went on an outing to the ever-crowded Gardens.

We stood in the middle of the bridge, leaning over to feel it shaking ever so slightly, feeling the cool night air against our faces.

We sat by the waterfront, watching the Supertrees light up for a second time, commenting about the musical arrangement and how the lights look better further away.

I am again reminded of the fact that with some, it really is easier for friendship to grow when you don’t have to work professionally together. When you don’t have to draw clear lines, maintain boundaries, worry about your shortcomings and inadequacies, knowing that a friend would support you in ways a colleague perhaps would not and could not.