Date Of The Someones

I’m not usually a romanticist.

I am, however, a sucker for words. Beautifully crafted and written words never fail to win me over. So, this article, about a guy who would walk someone home, and this article, about a girl who writes – set me off fantasizing about what might happen if the girl who writes met the guy who would walk her home.


They would sit in cafes together, comfortable in mutual silences, breaking it only to share random thoughts, spur of the moment thoughts, profound thoughts, confident that the other would understand and accept without judgement. And once the moment of sharing has passed, she would be happy to retreat back into the nurturing cave of silence, and he would be happy to bask in the same space of quietness. She might start a new page in her notebook, spinning an entry about what they had just shared, maybe turning it into a short story, a blog entry, a poem. He might take another sip of his coffee, and stare out of the window, maybe indulge in a book of his own, maybe even write down a few thoughts of his own.

And when her latte has run out, or has turned cold, but she still has so many thoughts left floating about in her mind, he would be able to sense them, and take pleasure in ordering another cup of latte for her. To refill her inspiration, to spur her creativity. And she might write about how happy and fortunate she feels to have someone who would order another cup of latte for her.

When the day is almost at an end, and the stars have reappeared against the dark sky, he would be happy to take her hand, to walk her home, under the orange street lights and cool night air. And they would part blissfully, knowing that the gift of the day had not been wasted, for they had shared thoughts, quips, ideas, fantasies and dreams. They had felt their souls expand, grow more entwined than ever, become more inspired to experience, become more grateful for life.


But of course, if the girl who writes is not meant to meet the guy who will refill her latte and send her home, she is equally blissful to get her own latte and indulge in solitary journeys of mind, spirit and soul…


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