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“Walking a labyrinth fosters mindfulness, and can provide relaxation, refreshment, and a relief of stress.

Labyrinth are beneficial in hospital settings. Patients can benefit by being helped to overcome anxieties associated with illness and treatment. Families can benefit by sharing in a purposely activity together. Staff can benefit by taking time out to relieve stress, relax and regain their equilibrium. The benefits of walking a labyrinth are now well-recognized internationally. Labyrinths are beginning to play an important role in healthcare…

There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. Walk at a pace that feels right for you. While on your way to the centre, allow your mind to quieten. At the centre, enjoy being still and spending some time in reflection. While returning to the entrance, reflect on thoughts or images that may have arisen in earlier parts of the walk.”



Given that my first impression of a Labyrinth was from this movie, it’s no surprise that I was surprised by this tranquil presentation of a labyrinth. Hope to walk it properly mindfully someday 🙂