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My first time watching a movie at Golden Mile. It was a bit of a walk from Lavender, and we emerged from the theatre on a cold, wet and unfamiliar Sunday afternoon, my stomach empty and grumbling, but it felt worth it. Especially since all profits  were going to the Autism Association!

The film portrays the lives of a couple with an autistic son, Danial.  Some parts felt like an educational documentary, but I could see why it would be important to use such a powerful platform to reach out to the masses. And all things considered, I thought it was a very realistic portrayal of the struggles a family unit goes through when they live with a person with special needs, and how acceptance and support from different blocks of society can really make a difference in meaning and quality of life.

Just before the film started, the audience was asked to observe a few moments of silence for the female lead, as her own child had just passed away that morning.

It made me think: Aren’t the hearts of parents universally the same? They just want their children to grow up happy.

Weekly Reflection @ The Daily Press

On a day when my senses and emotions felt more stretched than usual, retreating to solitude helped.

Again and again, I tell myself that to feel is not a bad thing. To feel is empathy. It is commitment to doing my job to the best of my ability. Even if the feelings include disappointment at the young ones under my charge.

But to feel too much would be unbalanced and unhealthy, and that’s when I need to be aware of it, go back to self-care, and perhaps turn to a few of my favourite things… to feel differently:)


The Ocean View Resort

An art work in the form of a video installation.

Sitting alone in that room, watching the images for almost 20 minutes. Listening to the narrator’s subdued and unclear articulation. Trying to decipher his accent, yet also just submitting to the lull of his voice. Contemplating on the content of the film. Contemplating Beethoven, as his music was used. I felt deeply in touch with myself.

So that is what Art can do.

When I went back to the gallery a week later, the exhibit had ended. I did not get to see the rest of this exhibit…