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Beautifully Morbid

It’s true.


Golden Hour Rainbow

The golden hour, made perfect with a rainbow.

β€œNothing in this universe is accidental, not even creation. If it were, the whole universe would be chaotic. But the inherent order in nature and its extraordinary beauty indicate that behind the workings of the universe are an expansive heart and an intellectual power that the human mind can never fathom.” – source


Walks and Joy




Mid-Day Views

On a slow Saturday.

 photo IMG_9460_zpsmpofjbol.jpg

 photo IMG_9655_zpsytvmz1wp.jpg

 photo IMG_9656_zpsneu0lwju.jpg

 photo IMG_9657_zpsj9zy27uo.jpg

 photo IMG_9658_zpsv82ystes.jpg


Review Day

When a day of working outside the office can also mean quality time with the sibling πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_9621_zps8zwggai5.jpg

 photo IMG_9644_zpsfcytfgxs.jpg

 photo IMG_9645_zpsw06mlr3w.jpg

 photo IMG_9647_zps35nmqvvs.jpg


5pm Shadows

 photo IMG_9725_zpssfvr3sg0.jpg

 photo IMG_9726_zpszwf5wkkc.jpg

 photo IMG_9727_zpsrix5cfez.jpg

 photo IMG_9728_zpsvammua6g.jpg