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The Campus Pond

It’s funny how some things have more beauty from a distance.

Ever since I spotted this pond on campus, I’ve always thought about how nice it would be to go up to it.

The chance came one morning, after the coursemate and I finished an early consultation with A and had some time to spare before class started.

“Let’s go to the pond!”

I wasn’t exactly disappointed, but it certainly looked different from a distance.

It was more shrouded – shrouded with potential, hope, and mystery.

Maybe that was what made it alluring.


Up close, it was simply – different.

Maybe … that’s reflective of many things in life too.


Anyway, I still enjoyed myself taking in the surroundings, and having the coursemate weave natural accessories for me ^^




Home Away From Home

It’s been about a week since I first stepped into this room, and already, I can imagine how I’m going to feel when its time to leave.





Mum’s orders:


Dad’s orders:


The view from my window:


Back in sg, I felt the frequent need to escape to cafes because  I needed that time alone. But here, it seems to be the opposite. I am alone by default, and I go out to look for people only when I feel the need to (which, well, isn’t very often).
I miss the people back home, but for now…
Enjoy this while it lasts…