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Getaway to Bintan – Day 2

On our second (and last) morning there, we planned to wake up at 5.30AM to catch the sunrise.

So Mum’s alarm rang at 5.30AM, home time.

Which translated to 4.30AM in Bintan.

By the time I figured out why the sky was not getting any brighter by the minute, it was around 4.45AM.

Laughing, we decided to use the extra time to shower and freshen up anyway.

Good story for memories ;p

Trikora Beach – 2/2

Is it ever possible to tire of a life of peace and tranquility?

Perhaps, like all other things we deem good and refreshing, we only relish it because it comes in small doses, after long periods of crazy mad rushes.

Just like how we need Darkness to capture Light,

And Sorrow to cherish Joy,

We need Chaos to enjoy Tranquility.