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The Jacaranda Petal

It was a day for pictures. The sky had just the right amount of clouds. The air was crisp and fresh. The temperature was not too warm. It was, in all aspects, a perfect late spring day.

A single jacaranda petal on the bridge’s ledge. So beautiful it made my heart race with the excitement of capturing it on camera.

InΒ 5 seconds, the focus was adjusted, aperture fixed, shutter pressed. Picture captured. The single petal on the bridge. Then the picture reviewed, to make sure I had gotten it right.

2 seconds after I had taken the picture, I looked up from the camera. I realised, with a start, that the petal was gone. A gust of wind had come, and it floated down to the river below, joining the other petals, bobbing along the banks.

The moment was gone.

In a moment of insight, I wondered if, in my efforts to capture the “perfect” picture of the petal, I had sacrificed experiencing the essence and beauty of the moment, getting caught up with camera settings and technicalities instead.

What I have now is only a replica of that moment, a reminder of the moment I missed.

How many times in life do we chase after what we feel are the bigger things, the larger goals, the seemingly more important things, only to realise that we have missed what we had right in front of us?

The little things. Always go back to the little things.

Mortuary Station

“The Mortuary Station was built during the years 1868 and 1869, and was officially opened in June 1869.

The building was used as the terminus for funeral trains only until 1938. When the rail funeral business gave way to road corteges and motor hearses, rail services were restricted to weekends and finally curtailed. On April 3 1948, trains were withdrawn and the cemetery line closed. Trains left from the main terminus platforms over the final ten years of the funeral rail service. There being no call for the rail hearse, the Mortuary Station ceased to function in the capacity of its original purpose.”


Autumn in Leura

It’s only mid-April, but some trees already look more than ready for winter. Even though I sometimes feel totally chilled to the bone by the cold air (and I know it’ll only get colder), I love experiencing and living in these different seasons, a testament to nature’s wonderful ways and timing.

(I just hope I still think the same way when it’s in the middle of winter)


I’ve come to appreciate silence as one of the most precious things in this world.

Silence not only from external forces, distractions and temptations, assaulting us from every angle,

but also silence from within, the quelling of our inner desires and restless thoughts.

Sometimes I look up, and catch sight of a beautiful of silhouette of a tree against the vast sky,

Or perhaps a beautiful sunset, absorbing all the negativity in this world as the sun sinks into the horizon,

Or something as simple as wispy clouds floating unhurriedly by…

and I think, if Silence took on a form, this is what it might look like.

And this precious silence would make a great gift, any day πŸ™‚