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Halong Bay

Being the good tourists we are, we went on a day tour to Halong Bay.


It was breathtakingly beautiful.

I know I’m such an urban mountain tortoise, but I have seriously never had the chance to sail in an open bay and be surrounded by so much natural beauty before.



And, I did not expect this:

In my urbanized mind, caves = dark, filled with bats, dangerous.

This cave was well-lit (though I wish there could have been more natural lighting instead of artificial lights), filled with people (tourists) and well-paved paths to walk on. I wish we could have spent more time exploring.

All in all, definitely a once-in-my-lifetime experience.


Go with the Flow

Greetings from Hanoi!

As you can see, we have made ourselves very much at home in the Hotel.



This is my first impression of Hanoi: Everything Flows.

The traffic, especially.

Imagine how a river flows. It does not care if rocks are in its way. It does not care if a tree falls and crashes. It does not matter to the river, whether the sky is sunny or grey. It simply flows.

So I repeat: The traffic in Hanoi FLOWS.

For someone who gets a shock whenever a rude cyclist zooms past me along the sidewalk at home, crossing the roads and navigating the streets of Hanoi have been nothing but a test of my will and steel.



In case you’re wondering, yes, traffic lights do exist.

We were standing just across one for some time before we realised it was there.

The Green Man was flashing. And vehicles were still zooming past us like nobody’s business.

It was amazing.


On a lighter note, we chanced upon a bookstore and got great gains 🙂

So this is Hanoi, Day 1.

Back in the hotel room, listening to old jazz and blogging.

Go with the Flow.