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HK Day 5 – NOC Coffee

One more before the airport. Always thankful for magical moments like these.




HK Day 3 – Cheung Chau Island

I must admit, I was shocked to see a bright, gleaming MacDonald’s when we alighted from the ferry. I guess visiting an offshore untouched island was too much to expect!


The streets did get quieter as I ventured further inwards though, and the reward was a quiet stretch of beach and sea.


India on Film

Old is Gold.


Bali on Film

With XiaoYu the Fisheye camera, and… I think it’s a roll of expired slide film.





Bali 2017: Goa Gajah

Elephant Temple.

In other words, Ganesha.

Familiar yet different.

The temple cave itself was a simple space, but the grounds were really nice for exploring.



Bali 2017: Tegenungan Waterfall

167 steps up and down. Ouch.

It was worth it.