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Beauty in the Forgotten

Sometimes, by a stroke of luck, you come across places so quiet, so seemingly forgotten, that you sigh in pity for the souls on this boisterous and overly-vibrant island who might never come to realise and appreciate such beauty.

But at the same time, you know that it is the very layer of silence and sense of abandonment which gives these places their essence of quaintness and charm. Too many footprints, and the grass will not grow anymore, the birds will leave their nests, and even the sunlight which bounces off our skin might have a different weight.

We are fickle after all.

A Hidden World


A world

Where sunlight gently filters through leaves in the trees.

Where the trees stand, safe, firm and tall, rich with history of the people and nature who have come and go.

Where structures reminds one of a simpler time, when time seemed slower and paces less hurried.

Where space was aplenty, and voices less shrill.


A hidden world, one which we keep inside our hearts, in the form of nostalgic longing and memories.


A hidden world, we chanced upon.


More to come soon 🙂