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Having been in this new job environment for a little more than half a year, I realise that being a wallflower does have its perks.

Sure, I miss the joy of having close friendships at work, the kind I used to enjoy in the earlier years of working and in teaching. But ever since the job switch, I’ve also realised the joys and conveniences of being a wallflower – the lack of social obligations, the freedom to come and go pretty much however and whenever I choose. The joys of more quiet time, more efficiency with less chit chat. It also makes me feel more “anonymous”, even though I know I’m not. We still talk, we still collaborate, we still rant when we need to and I still have people I trust enough to go to with my work-related problems.¬†We just stop there, that’s all. And at the end of the day I find it easier to “go home” – both physically and emotionally. Which think is important for my well-being.

Maybe there are people out there who need to have close friends where they work to feel that they belong, or to feel part of a community, in order to enjoy their job. I think I’ve learnt that I don’t necessarily need that, and it’d do me good to not feel the pressure to live up to that norm.

All’s good with this wallflower:)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

To prevent the spoiling of another sublime experience, I made sure I finished the book before watching the movie.

And indeed, the book was an overall much better experience than the movie.

In a way, I’d say they complemented each other very well. I guess writing a book and then directing the film based on your book does have its advantages.

For example, the silences which I felt to be so profound in the book did not really come true on the big screen. Also, certain characters which played a big role in Charlie’s life were not as emphasized in the movie.

However, the film did a good job of portraying the main characters – Charlie, Sam and Patrick – respectively played by Logan Lerman, Emma Watson (she was a big factor in prompting me to watch the film ;p) and Ezra Miller. I found their performances riveting, to say the least. Definitely not your usual teen flick, although themes like growing up, friendship and relationships are strongly and expertly dealt with.

In conclusion?

I feel like getting an old-school typewriter. Someday.