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Weekend Walks

Scenes from some weekends in July.

I’m thankful that I can be thankful, that I have things to be thankful for.

Today’s gratitude: Quality, restful weekends. Time to spend with myself, family and friends. Time to do what recharges me. When I look at pictures like these I’m reminded that I am fortunate enough to afford an evening to walk by the River, to be in the mood to enjoy the sunset and clouds and the cooler air, to admire the intricate patterns formed by the branches of trees.

I’m thankful that I am able to be thankful.


Something(s) To Be Thankful For

I was washing dishes at the sink after breakfast that morning, and looking out of the window.

It suddenly occurred to me that even the view I have is something I ought to be so immensely thankful for. The fact that I can see. The fact that I have the time to stand in my kitchen and wash my dishes leisurely.

What more the other things in my life.

This Week’s Gratitude

I finally FINALLY cleaned (a part of) my room. I am thankful that I found the energy and motivation to do it! My table is now spacious, and I have a space in my room to actually sit and think.

Preparations for the near future are coming along quite nicely (no I’m not getting married). So much admin! I’ve been reading clauses, contracts, terms and conditions, personal detail forms, until my brain felt so overwhelmed. BUT I’ve persevered, and I think I’m getting there.

Thankful that holidays are great for catching up with friends.

Thankful that holidays are also great for catching up with myself. My current notebook is filled with self-declared profound thoughts which I never thought I’d be able to write down, and I’m happy that I’ve been doing so.

I was feeling a little miffed at the fact that I won’t be traveling overseas this holidays, but I’m thankful that the feeling has now given way to a serene sense of calm and relaxation. Plus it never hurt to save for a rainy day.

My mum – for someone who wasn’t inclined to use the internet years ago, she’s been goggling a lot recently, sharing nuggets of what she learnt (on how to survive in a first-world country) online. I’m thankful that she is showing support for my journey in her own way.

And finally, I’m thankful for a chance to serve. To (hopefully) make this life meaningful and not in waste.