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Wat Phnom

Way Phnom – the center of Buddhist activity and festivity in Phnom Penh (or so says Wikipedia). We, being the free and easy lovers we are, went there without any guides, and simply explored the temple grounds on our own, admiring its architecture and grandeur. The downside is that we did not fully understand the history and significance of the place, but I suppose that could be easily rectified with a little bit of personal reading and research!

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Temples of Angkor – Preview

The time in Siem Reap is 5.09AM. I’m sitting in bed, awakened by the sound of this early morning downpour, enjoying the feeling of snuggling under my blanket. My thoughts are still with the beautiful temples of Angkor. Seeing them has deeply intensified my love for ancient architecture. I cannot wait to edit my 351 pictures and share them with the world!