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The Little Things That Add Up

“Movies are made out of darkness as well as light; it is the surpassingly brief intervals of darkness between each luminous still image that make it possible to assemble the many images into one moving picture. Without that darkness, there would only be a blur. If you could add up all the darkness, you would find the audience in the theatre gazing together in a deep imaginative night. It is the terra Incognita of film, the dark continent on every map. In a similar way, a runner’s every step is a leap, so that for a moment he or she is entirely off the ground. For these brief instants, shadows no longer spill out from their feet… These tiny fragments of levitation add up to something considerable; by their own power they hover above the earth for many minutes…

We fly; we dream in darkness; we devour heaven in notes too small to be measured.”

-“A Field Guide To Getting Lost”

But we could use the power of mindfulness to pick out all the terra Incognita in our being. Then we might be able to get a taste of that elusive heaven. For there is infinity within a moment, and all we have is each moment.

Around Woolloongabba

Around the suburb we stayed. I couldn’t have asked for a better location and quality of accommodation, given our budget and lack of knowledge of the area! From our balcony, we were treated to daily views of the sunrise and sunset.

We were also walking distance away from the supermarket, and the hospital where we did our placement.

Thank you Woolloongabba, for making our Brisbane experience such a scenicĀ and convenientĀ one:)