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The Welcomed Sun

In another life on another sunny island, I can just imagine myself wilting under the slightest prolonged exposure to the sun’s glare, scrambling for cold drinks, air-conditioning and/or shade.

Here in this season, I am warmly welcoming the sun, soaking in whatever warmth I can get from it.

Interesting, the difference 6,302KM can make.


From Fog To Sun

Last Tuesday morning – the fog when I stepped out of the house was so heavy and thick:

The dimmed lights are from the library building..

Visited the familiar tree again:

What a contrast from the usual morning sky.

As the train went up the slope to the mountains, I found myself wondering whether the weather forecast had made a mistake after all. It was supposed to be clear, but all I saw was fog and more fog, even as we went higher and higher.

Then, about 5 stations up, the breakthrough came. Sun!

The realization that the sun had been there all along, but because I couldn’t see it and was losing faith – made me think about life in a general sense. How easy it is to lose all hope when we’re caught in seemingly hopeless and difficult situations.

But if we just think: The sun is always there.  It’s waiting for us as long as we continue to make our way up the mountain – this faith can help us get through the difficult times.

This faith need not mean faith in a religious sense. Faith in qualities like the goodness of the human heart, in the innocence of children, in the natural laws of the world, in the belief that everything happens for a reason, in the belief that we have a choice.. All these little rays of light come together to make the navigation of life that much more bearable and sensible.

And eventually, we will get past the fog and get to bask in the sun, as I’m sure no fog lasts forever.

Henri Marc Cafe

A day after one of the worst storms experienced in Sydney, I cautiously stepped out of the house to stock up on groceries and necessities. I also allowed myself some cafe time as there was going to be a power cut for 2 hours on campus anyway.

Because temperatures the day before had hovered around 18Degrees, resulting in me feeling cold even indoors, I decided to keep myself warm by donning on a long-sleeved turtleneck, long leggings, socks, and boots.

As fate would have it, the sky remained clear the whole morning and by 11.30AM, I was feeling like a snowman in spring.

But, I was a happy snowman, basking in the sun by the window seat of Henri Marc Cafe, just a 20-minute bus ride away from where I stay 🙂

Sun over clouds, any day!




Lovely vintage spoon!





On a more sombre note, I do hope the family of the man who died in the storm will find strength to move on in this trying time… Nature can be frightening indeed.