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McMahon’s Point

Inspired by this article, I hopped on a random ferry one morning and alighted at the first stop it took me to. Was rewarded with an alternative view of the Harbor Bridge and Sydney Harbor. Once all the assignments are over, I’d like to dedicate a whole day to island / ferry hopping!

Glenayr Avenue, Bondi

There’s something about living near the beach that just makes people more relaxed, I think. You can’t live near a majestic body of water, with the beauty of the sand and sky at your doorstep, and not be relaxed. You just can’t help it. You can’t help but realize that life is probably too short to worry about nitty-gritty stuff, like what your boss thought about you when you made that comment the other day, like what that person meant when she told you to do whatever you want. Perhaps the space is vast enough to absorb all our insignificant woes.

You’d want to have a dog just so you can bring it to the beach to feel the sand beneath your feet, then bring it to the cafes nearby so that you can have impromptu meet-ups with familiar faces of your suburban street. And the cafe baristas will offer your dog treats and a bowl of water while you sip your coffee (And then you both walk home to the cat waiting to curl up in your lap).

There’s just something about living near the beach that make people see life differently.

At least, this was what I felt when I walked down Glenayr Avenue.