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Sydney Murugan Temple

My weekend hosts took the trouble to show me a side of Sydney I probably would never see on my own.
Stepping in made me feel a sense of familiarity. Even the architecture looked familiar. Then I learned that it was probably the southern influence which we get back home as well, as opposed to northern style architecture.



St Mary’s Cathedral

There is something magical about the air inside a cathedral. Everyone becomes shadows of our physical selves, dwarfed by the beauty created by light, lines, shadows and structures.

Am feeling the desire to see the cathedrals of Europe grow stronger  after stepping into St Mary’s – Bucket List just got longer.

The Space of Carriageworks

Originally planned to visit this:


But while the exhibits were interesting, I was more captivated by the space and venue structures than the exhibits themselves.

Space implies possibilities. Anticipation of new things. Allowance for growth. Maybe that’s why space is always associated with creativity. We need it.


Shutting Off


Sometimes I feel such a strong need to shut off from everything, because it feels too tiring to have to keep processing what the world wants, to contemplate the consequence of each and every action, to infer the words and actions of everyone and everything.

These sound simple, but they are in fact seriously mind-boggling activities.

It doesn’t help that having such active thought processes means that even when you sleep, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your mind is getting rest. And you wake up more tired than the day before.


But enough of rants. It’s time to think of this week’s gratitude list.

Angkor Thom // Bayon Temple

This was where we started meeting and feeling the heat of the tourist crowd, and this was also the time when the sun was starting to get higher and higher… Hence the experience wasn’t as peaceful and quiet as we had hoped for. Nevertheless, Angkor Thom and Bayon Temple were intriguing enough, with the story of the Churning of Milk and the 216 faces of Buddha.

The Durian and The Tree

durian and tree

Said the Durian to the Tree

If only you could see,

How difficult it is to be me-

To meet up to expectations

I never thought of reaching,

To satisfy desires

I never thought fulfilling.

These humans that put us here,

What actually do they want?

Amidst all their lofty ideals,

What will they save when it comes to the crunch?