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The Cat Who Takes Lifts

Not the first time, but amazes me everytime.

This time, he/she sat calmly looking at me while the lift took us to the 12th floor.

End of story? He/She eventually stepped into the lift again, and I pressed ‘1’ to take it back to the ground floor.

Someone would have gotten a treat, seeing a cat walk out from a lift..


The Increasingly Friendly One

I think cats are masters of PR too.

Knowing that their popularity with the residents of an urban area would being them benefits in the form of being welcomed and being fed, they do all that is necessary to keep their status.

Oh look, that human is squatting down beside me with the camera again. Alright, let me oblige her with an intense stare into the lens which will make her happy.

After that I will roll over so that she will think I like her.

And then give an adorable sleepy look at her feet.

That ought to keep them happy for another few days.

These humans, so easy to please.

Now, food please.



After snapping a few shots of this little one, I walked a distance away… Before noticing that a giant dog had started to approach the cats in the area!

Startled and worried for the safety of the cats, I wanted to head back and try some means to chase the dog away. (Now that I think about it, I think the cats would have laughed at my efforts. Seriously, stamping my feet? Waving my hands? Which dog would be afraid of THAT?) In my mind, the dog was the evil aggressor, the bad guy who must be stopped at all costs, the bully who must be taught a lesson.

As fate would have it, a lady who works around the area happened to be returning to office, and was walking past the area. Recognizing the dog and cats, she immediately made a loud hissing sound.


“Mary?” I looked at the huge mongrel, almost 3 times the size of any cat in the area. It looked like anything but a Mary.

She turned to me with kindly eyes. “Ya, we all call her Mary. She big big but actually she very scared one. She just wants to make friends with the cats! She never dare to do anything to them.”

So saying, the lady gave one more click of her tongue in the direction of the animals before continuing her way. And sure enough, the dog – Mary – had backed away. The felines, ever cautious, maintained their defensive positions, but it did not look like WW3 was going to erupt any time soon.

I could not help but keep smiling in amusement for a while after that.