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The Increasingly Friendly One

I think cats are masters of PR too.

Knowing that their popularity with the residents of an urban area would being them benefits in the form of being welcomed and being fed, they do all that is necessary to keep their status.

Oh look, that human is squatting down beside me with the camera again. Alright, let me oblige her with an intense stare into the lens which will make her happy.

After that I will roll over so that she will think I like her.

And then give an adorable sleepy look at her feet.

That ought to keep them happy for another few days.

These humans, so easy to please.

Now, food please.

Surprise, Surprise

Tried a new flavour today.

Chicken and Tuna.

Seeking shelter under my legs… Made me feel so loved!

About a week ago, I took a video of this little one. The video captured a little glimpse of the buttocks as well.

When I showed the video to Chairman Meow, the Great One took one look at the butt and proclaimed: “IT’S A BOY!”

When we met up, the Great Leader also explained that male cats’ butts are “more complicated” than female butts.

I couldn’t stop laughing.

But it’s true.

So now, she’s no longer a she, she’s a HE.

It looks like I have more affinity with male animals and pets anyway ;p