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Speak To Me, Walk With Me

I walked out of the house with a plan in mind, thinking I knew where I was going.

Guess what? Things change. What I wanted to do could not be materialized. Feeling rather aimless, I wandered around in the rainy city for a while.

By chance, I walked past the Museum, and on a whim, decided to step in to see if there was a new exhibit since my last visit.

There was! Amanda Heng’s “Speak To Me, Walk With Me”.

My Civil Service Card was in my wallet. I flashed it, and spent the next 2 hours alone in the museum.

It was an intimately soul-refreshing experience.


And I’m just thinking… Life can be like that, can’t it?

We might think we know where we’re headed, right up till the moment when things get thrown off course. Then we might grumble and curse, and feel lost for a while. But if we keep our minds open and exploratory, beautiful surprises might appear, and who knows? Everything can turn out for the better.


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