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My World in Smith

Countless times there, and every time it still feels like a fresh experience. It’s the magic of good space and good coffee!

While there that day, I discovered a new magazine: Dumbo Feather

Insightful, people-centered, and indeed extraordinary with their focus on the seemingly ordinary. They have a free online newsletter thing as well, which I’ve subscribed to 🙂

Recognition Perks

So, I kept my promise and went back to this cafe again, just to see if they had the new issue of Frankie out (>.<)

They didn’t, but I enjoyed a relaxing morning there all the same. The barista recognized me and we chatted about the sunny island for a short while. Then, while I was busy writing about something in my magical notebook, he suddenly approached and offered me a small cup of “white ice tea”.

“It’s brewed using cold drip method. Try it, you’ll enjoy it!” I was told. So I took a sip, and wow, even though I have very little idea about what the cold drip method is about, it’s certainly one of the most refreshing teas I’ve ever drank.

This is the second cafe here I’ve been recognized in, but the first that gave me recognition perks. As we were saying bye, I promised to bring my friends next time. So… friends who are joining me in June, I hope you will enjoy this place as much as I do! 🙂