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The Disguised Blessing

Ironically, I realise I have actually been sleeping better, despite living with noisier housemates.

The reason is because: Expecting them to be heard in the later hours of the night, I go to sleep with earplugs and an eye mask, just so I am not so inclined to open my eyes at every single sound I hear, and just so that I won’t hear much, really. The effect is that I actually fall asleep faster and easier, something quite miraculous for me.

So my conclusion is: their noisiness, as much as it’s a source of torment and pain in my waking hours, have actually contributed to me getting better sleep at night. And this has resulted in a happier me during the day, as long as I distance myself from their noise by enjoying the library, class, or cafes around Sydney:)

Who would have known that blessings can come in such disguises.