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The Resilient Escapist

sun behind clouds3

I guess one of the most depressing things about escapism

Is that inescapable fact

That one will still need to return to reality;

Sometime, someday, somehow.

Are we ever able to escape, completely?


Yet, this knowledge about inescapability –

Doesn’t stop us from constantly trying.

That’s why we read.

That’s why we take pictures.

That’s why we try to lose ourselves in moments of pure, soulful music.

We are more resilient than we think, after all.



If our muscles get stronger with training,

And senses get sharper with tuning,

Why doesn’t the heart,

An organ of muscles and senses,

Develop the ability to hold fort

Against the attack of emotions and feelings?

At the end of the day,

It feels like the heart,

That which plays the integral role in our entire existence,

is actually the most fragile of all.