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What Gives Us Our Names

“Sometimes I think I catch glimpses of Beauty, usually in the oddest of places – at some small art gallery, in between old shop houses, in the swaying branches of a raintree, a stone’s throw away from sunset, in the shadow of cracked paint. You might have seen her yourself – she’s small for her age, but very nimble, shy yet insatiably curious. She has an inner glow which makes it seem like she lights up the air around her. Just once, I managed to look into her eyes – they were bright and sad and lonely, and so shiny I could see my reflection in them…

If you do spot Beauty, take some time to get to know her. She will not stay. But she may rest for a while to tell you the stories she’s picked up from years on the road. Beauty has a soft, soft voice – most people would miss what she has to say, unless they were really paying attention. But if you listen carefully, you might learn where to find Beauty again the next time you need her in your life.”