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New to Newcastle – The Beach

Someone once told me that all the beaches in Australia look the same in one way or other, but I disagree. Each beach I’ve seen here has its own unique characteristics and vibes. And in such comfortable early spring weather, who could say no to the fresh outdoor air, sea waves and blue skies?


Sculpture By The Sea II

It was a hot day, and my feet started to hurt after conquering just a portion of the coastal walk. So, I did not get to see all the sculptures after all.

Next year!

A normal coastline, embellished by works of (mostly) man-made art. In actuality, Nature does not need Man to make it more beautiful – Without Man, Nature has and will continue to flourish. Despite interpretations that the artworks are interactions with the environment, it seems that it is the simplicity and space of Nature which has breathed life into the works, more so than the other way round. And it was that encompassing quality of Nature which I admired the most in this experience.