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Sunset from the East

Given that I’m rarely outdoors at the golden hour (I like to be home before dark if I can help it), seeing these lovely hues were quite a treat.


Kyoto 2017 – Fushimi Inari Taisha

So begins the Kyoto 2017 Trip Chronicles.

Day 1 in Kyoto – we headed out early in the morning (as early as we could manage, given that we had just checked into our Airbnb at 12 midnight) to the famous Fushimi Inari shrine and found ourselves in the midst of tons of school children (on a Sunday morning!).

Apart from the famous and iconic orange tori gates which we managed to get some people-less shots of, there were other interesting sights on the way up and down Mt Inari too.

 photo P1010050_zpsmahlb1qv.jpg

 photo P1010075_zpsphyfshfv.jpg

 photo P1010091_zpsyguyr0yr.jpg

 photo P1010102_zpsflqpd09c.jpg

 photo P1010105_zpscnjrdqta.jpg


Getaway to Bintan – Day 1

A quick one with the mum in December πŸ™‚


India 2016 – Backwaters



India 2016 – By The Sea (Hello 2017)

Welcoming 2017 with memories of 2016.

For 2 weeks in December, the parents and I spent time at the “usual spot”. Kerala, India. Between a stretch of backwaters and the Arabian Sea.

I am convinced that only when we disconnect can we truly connect.



The Sky’s Perspective