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How Many More

How many more storms and showers will it take

Along this path of Life,

Before one truly understands that

No rain nor clear sky will last forever.

The trick is not to wait for the moments to pass, but to learn the art of living in each moment, and making the best out of each one.

The Almost-Daily Commute

When people at work ask me where I stay, and when I give them my answer, the next things they will say are:

“So far?! Why were you posted here?!”

“How long do you take to get here?”

“Which buses do you take? What?! You have to change transport modes twice? Isn’t that troublesome?”

But in all honesty, I have never been one to dread long journeys.

Especially when I can travel alone, and think, and listen to music, and gaze at the passing scenery, an ever-useful reminder of the transience of life and time.