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Echo Point Park

Not to be confused with the other Echo Point Рthis is really just a park. Thanks to the weekend hosts who thought I might like a morning out in the sun with nature!
After walking along the trail, we then settled somewhere for an indian-style picnic.

“This is my first picnic, you know.”

“You mean, since you came here?”

“No, it’s my first picnic ever.”

The look of utter surprise on her face was amusing, but at the same time sad. It highlights how different the lifestyles in 2 countries can be. After a week of rushing around, it is possible to be so tired that you don’t even have the energy to plan outings like these to relax. Why do we work so hard?

Another story to digress – This is Sally, she was found by her current owner abandoned outside the Salvation Army, with mites and scabs all over. I wanted to cry listening to her story. Am so happy she has found a good home, with 2 other pugs to enjoy the sun and grass with.

Taking time to soak in the spring sun, walk along nature’s trails, listen to the call of the birds, talking to friendly strangers to learn their stories – ingredients for a wonderful morning. Again I can’t help but wonder – why do we work so hard, rush so much, live so little?