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The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar

“Do you have coffee?”

“No, sorry.”

“Do you have wine?”

“… No..”

“Oh my goodness, what place is this?!”

“We specialize in tea.”

Overheard the above exchange just as I was leaving, which I thought pretty much summed up the whole place 🙂
Fortunately for me, I like tea, and I loved the place.

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that the White Rabbit Gallery and Teahouse is not too far away?

Of Oil Paintings and Flowers

After the trip to Cafe Oratnek, I went to Project 107, enjoying the fallen petals along the way.

At the gallery, one of the curators commented how I was taking a “nice long time” to appreciate each work of art. We struck up an exchange on how the paintings done by the artist has the ability to draw one in, especially in his landscapes painting. Left the space feeling very much refreshed and recharged 🙂