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Just a Wall

Every once in a while, you come across a certain aesthetic.

A certain vibe.

A certain way in which things are arranged.

And you can’t help but feel that if only more in the world were “rightly” arranged like that, more would be well in the world.



 photo Someone_zpsbvzbc3ww.jpg

Out of the blue, this song came back to me one day.
For the music therapist who might be working towards meaningful engagement and improving my quality of life in a nursing home one day, don’t forget Stefanie Sun.

On another note, the comrade and I fly to Kyoto today, on a journey to make more memories of beauty and quiet 🙂

India 2016 – Other Happenings

So apart from connecting with the inner Self and recharging the soul, what else did I get up to in the 2 weeks without wifi?

Took up an intensive yoga class, ran away from charging waves, lost a lovely turquoise top in the laundry service after wearing it for just 2 days, and took more random pictures of the resident birds and their nests.

Till next time, wonderful abode of peace.