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The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

The world was made up of people putting one foot in front of the other; and a life might appear ordinary simply because the person living it had done so for a long time. Harold could no longer pass a stranger without acknowledging the truth that everyone was the same, and also unique; and that this was the dilemma of being human.


Friends who know me would know that I’m the last person to want to go on a walking pilgrimage. But the idea of suddenly waking up to realise that you have lived your life thus far, without anything you want to remember, without anything you think is worth remembering – and you want to do something worth that, for a change – the idea is enticing. For Harold Fry, that something was walking. To meet an old friend, to right the wrongs in his life, to reflect, to think, and… at the risk of sounding cliché… to find himself.

As a person who has lived in city-like surroundings for most of my life, the journey of Harold Fry ignited my imagination. What would it be like to take such a leap of faith and just walk in a general direction, towards a general destination, in hopes of a generally positive outcome?

One can only imagine.