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In Moments of Silence

In moments of silence,
We question
What is it that makes us, Us.

When stripped of the things we thought we have control of:
The words, the choices, the senses, the memories.
What is left?

In moments of silence,
I question.

I have yet to arrive at an answer.
Maybe the silence is it.
Maybe it’s all I need, and all I want to be.


When There Are Too Many Words

There are days when I feel that I feel too much, when I think I think too much. And all the feelings and thoughts crash into each other, into me, within me, so that I feel so  overwhelmed with all that is supposedly me. If I manage to calm down enough to look at each thought and each feeling separately, analyzing where they come from, why they manifest, they may then not appear as overwhelming as they feel. If I calm down enough to process the thoughts and put them into words, the concrete tangibility of the process helps me achieve distance and perspective.

On a day when even the words didn’t seem to help, and the shapes the ink formed made my thoughts and emotions even more jumbled than ever, Haikus came to the rescue.

Structure – Self-imposed structure, aesthetically mandated structure. Ghosts captured in a box don’t look so scary… Until they escape again.

Have you thought about
The liking and dislike of
Someone you don’t know?

Something they say, do,
And the impression is fixed
We are weird beings.

Wired to believe
What we feel and think is true
Refusing maybes.

Then we think, wonder.
Who are we, if we are so
Easily Defined.

An Inspired Poem

Inspired from visiting KC ;p


I walk there
Then I walk back
That was then
This is now

The seasons take their turns
The leaves change their colors
That was then
This is now

Life in every moment
Time passes in words and movement
That was then
This is now

Tears give way to laughter
Smiles give way to frowns
That was then
This is now

Years add on to each other
As we walk on together
That was then
This is now

Hope’s Path


Hope is difficult path to tread.
Boulders of self-doubt,
Marked obstacles on the way.
Hope is a difficult path to tread.

Hope is a dimly lit path to tread.
Shadows and light interplay,
Hard to discern.
Hope is a dimly lit path to tread.

Hope is a long path to tread.
Roads wind, twist and turn,
Journey feels endless.
Hope is a long path to tread.

Sometimes I feel
In this journey of Hope,
The only way
Hope can be overcome;
Hope can be lit;
Hope can be navigated;
Is with Faith.


I Am Still Here

The hands of the clock revolve subtly.
Sounds of the city buzz in the distance.
Individual bodies pace on pavements, each a universe within.
I am still here.

The calendar on the wall grows thinner.
Festivals come and go.
Colors of the sky change and fade.
I am still Here.

The swirling thoughts.
The tired sighs.
The wonderings about life.
I am Still here.

The passing of time.
The birth of galaxies.
The many cycles.

I am still.