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Barangaroo Reserve

Looking back, I realise this was the last place of attraction I visited in Sydney.

It was a cloudy, overcast day, which sort of mirrored my feelings about leaving the beautiful city soon. I decided to do something about those feelings, and together we went for a walk at the newly opened Barangaroo Reserve. It helped.

Brisbane Botanic Gardens // Mount Coot-Tha

I took the wrong bus, alighted at a not-too-friendly stop, had to ask for directions, but eventually… I made it.

It was only after coming back to Sydney when I realised the stark contrast between the flora and fauna. Greater appreciation of climate and vegetation now, something I haven’t felt since my geography-studying days.

She’s Alive!


Imagine my horror when I woke up at 5.30am this morning, and found Sophie – WILTED!

Her stems were bending over, and her leaves were crinkled and soft. It was an amazing transformation, considering I had just seen her tall and upright the night before!

Trying not to panic, I hurriedly gave her a dose of water, and sprinkled handfuls of droplets over her leaves.

This afternoon, when I came home, she looked as good as new again.


Google (and my instincts) tells me that she has probably not been watered enough.

It looks like I’ll have to give her water more frequently, as moisture is apparently used up more quickly in small pots of soil.