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Something(s) To Be Thankful For

I was washing dishes at the sink after breakfast that morning, and looking out of the window.

It suddenly occurred to me that even the view I have is something I ought to be so immensely thankful for. The fact that I can see. The fact that I have the time to stand in my kitchen and wash my dishes leisurely.

What more the other things in my life.

No One is Indispensable


Even when we crawl and hide into a hole, the world above us will continue turning.

Even when we run away to another time and place, the people and places we know will still go on.

Even when we think that some things can’t function as well without us, they can.

They actually can.

And most of the time, it is probably our wonderful ego telling us that everything will fall apart if we leave, that everything will go to shambles when we are no longer around.

But once you realise that the earth has been spinning on its axis for the past millions of years, and will continue to do so long after we are gone – You realize that no one is really indispensable after all.