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History of the Present

Day 2 of Phnom Pehn was largely overshadowed by our visit to Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.


The events of History will never be changed, and what has happened will never be different.

But its consequences and effects live on, and what we make of it determines our future.

I hope I can sleep without thinking too much tonight.

The Fruits of Persistence

 photo P1019948_zps60fb0afa.jpg

He saw us, he stopped us, he talked to us.

Our mistake? Replying.

And he did not stop talking, and persuading, and explaining, not until we finally succumbed to climb onto his prided Tuk-Tuk, to change our plans for the day, to visit the Killing Fields today (instead of tomorrow), instead of exploring around the city area.

It might have all turned out for the best, but his persistence was certainly something we did not take so well to. Nevertheless, we really had to give it to him for effort. He really knows how to do his job!

And this was just one of the epic stories which we experienced today. Less than 24 hours in this city, and we have already experienced that which we never thought we would experience in this lifetime. Riding a tuk-tuk across the crazy, trafficlightless streets of Phnom Pehn, is just one of them.

Welcome, to the Kingdom of Cambodia.