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Bruno was found as a stray, with a serious head wound, infested with maggots. He was brought to the friend’s clinic, had extensive surgery performed on him, and by some twist of fate, survived.


“I wonder who Bruno is”, said the friend who adopted him and who also happened to be the vet who saved his life. “What did he do to have such a sad life.”

Because even though his wound has healed more than a year ago, he is still withdrawn, easily shaken and not easily trusting of people. Basically the opposite of healthy dog behavior. He lies in a corner of the room for most of the day and doesn’t budge when the leash is put on him to go for walks. He doesn’t walk around the house when people are around, only at night when everyone has slept. When I looked at him… I only felt, and saw, Sadness.

I’m sure more positive thoughts/prayers will definitely help Bruno. Thanks in advance, kind reader ­čÖé

Friends // Cats

Settling into a life with a full time job again has been … interesting. There have been days when everything feels just right, when I think maybe I could do this for a longer time after all.┬áThen there are the reminders that there are alternate┬áLives I want to lead, and I wish I could quit straightaway.

Throughout all these ups and downs, I feel fortunate to have friends who know me, give me space, listen to me, and have cats. Especially the fat affectionate nice furry ones!